2019 Review: Niles Haunted House Scream Park

The 2019 haunting season is upon us...and like every year, we kick things off with our annual trip up north to Niles, Michigan to the Niles Haunted House Scream Park. And honestly, this may just be the best year yet. So obviously this is a Must See Haunt for 2019!

The Niles Haunted House

Somehow this attraction just gets better and better every year. With a mix of indoor and outdoor scenery to scare you silly, the Niles Haunted House manages to stay fresh year after year. Well worth the price of admission and if this house was the park's only attraction, it'd still be worth every penny.

N'awlins Nightmare

Okay, now N'awlins (New Orleans if you can't tell) Nightmare is something pretty special. Everything from the scene designs to sounds to even the smells is a real thing of haunting beauty. The Mardi Gras atmosphere already lends itself to a scary interpretation and this attraction takes that notion and runs with it.


The Old West can be scary. At least, Niles Scream Park makes us believe that. Deadwood is a stellar haunt that takes you back in time and scares the hell out of you. If I had one complaint about this attraction it is that the lighting in the scenes could be brought up a bit. Yes, dark is scary, but I felt like I was missing out some truly great scene designs that I just couldn't see.

The Field of Screams

One of my favorite parts of Niles Scream Park has always been the Field of Screams...and this year is no different. The Field is absolutely phenomenal with many of the haunt's classic elements revamped for the 2019 season. Always a pleasure to tackle this beast of a haunt.

Dark Terror-Tory Haunted Hayride

Like the Field of Screams, the Dark Terror-Tory Haunted Hayride is another attraction that I look forward to every year because it's one that seems to improve year after year. And honestly, this is the best this attraction has been since we've begun our annual visits. I'm going to give this 4 Skulls instead of 5 because I don't ever want this haunt to stop evolving. It's truly becoming something special and on par with the hayride at Indianapolis' Hanna Haunted Acres.


Last year I got to finally experience Hooded and I loved it. This year, I got to watch it and a whole new level of appreciation for it grew within me. I highly, highly recommend you give Hooded a go on your next Niles Scream Park visit.

Escape Rooms

We did one of the escape rooms this year and overall, we were very impressed with the amount of the thought that went behind the clues. I can't express this enough: DO THIS. You'll have a blast.

For the fifth year in a row, we are proud to declare the Niles Scream Park THE Must See Haunt of 2019!