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2018 Review: Niles Haunted House Scream Park

Another haunt season and another trip up north to Niles Haunted House Scream Park...and man was it a blast...


The Niles Haunted House
The house sported a cool cinema theme for the past two years, but this year they completely upped their game with a total rehaul as a library and book theme.  And man oh man, this things is insane (in the best possible way).  The Niles House never disappoints, and this year was no different.  My jaw is still on the floor somewhere in there.  The level of detail in that house is second to none.  It's cool, scary and long.  Everything that makes an awesome haunt rock.

Grimm's Funeral Services
This attraction is 100% new for 2018, and it's simply amazing.  From the mortuary to the graveyard, you'll experience death up close.  And again, the detail and design of this haunt are simply stunning.  Unlike previous years at Niles, the scare actors this year seem to really be trying to bring their A-game.  Color us impressed.

The D…