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2016 Review: Indy Scream Park

For the first time since 2014, the Haunted House Indy team was able to travel to Anderson to check out Indy Scream Park. Let's just jump into it... Brickmore Asylum From what I can remember, nothing much has really changed in this attraction.  The detail is still awesome and the acting is A-1.  I gave it 4 Skulls in 2014, and since I couldn't really tell a difference in 2016, it'll stay that way. Rage 3D Back in 2014, this attraction was called Bedlam 3D, and from what I can tell, very little has changed other than the name.  I could spot a few new things, but nothing major.  Still, I was once again very impressed with Rage 3D.  Who doesn't love a clown-themed 3D haunt? Pandemic The last of the indoor haunts in Pandemic (formerly Nachtmahr in 2014).  This is the first attraction I've been to where the customer can choose to be a part of the show if they want wearing a glow necklace.  I chose not to wear one just so I could observe.  Pandemic was

2016 Review: Fear Fair

We finally managed to venture out to Seymour to check out Fear Fair!  And I'm left with one burning question: Why the hell have I not been here before?! Since we had never been to Fear Fair before, we took a former employee along with us.  Throughout the experience, he supplied us with little tidbits here and there that helped us get an idea of the history of the haunt -- and we loved every bit. One thing you notice right off the bat with Fear Fair is their attention to detail.  Which, if you've read any of my reviews, you know detail goes a long way with me.  And Fear Fair has detail.  Lots of detail. An elevator scene at the beginning really sets the tone and feel.  And a New Orleans/Bourbon Street scene that is second to none.  Don't even get me started on how much I loved the swampy bayou scene.  Man, was that cool! As for actors, I'm happy to report that every actor I encountered was totally into what they were doing.  And that's always a plus.