2016 Review: Indy Scream Park

For the first time since 2014, the Haunted House Indy team was able to travel to Anderson to check out Indy Scream Park.

Let's just jump into it...

Brickmore Asylum
From what I can remember, nothing much has really changed in this attraction.  The detail is still awesome and the acting is A-1.  I gave it 4 Skulls in 2014, and since I couldn't really tell a difference in 2016, it'll stay that way.

Rage 3D
Back in 2014, this attraction was called Bedlam 3D, and from what I can tell, very little has changed other than the name.  I could spot a few new things, but nothing major.  Still, I was once again very impressed with Rage 3D.  Who doesn't love a clown-themed 3D haunt?

The last of the indoor haunts in Pandemic (formerly Nachtmahr in 2014).  This is the first attraction I've been to where the customer can choose to be a part of the show if they want wearing a glow necklace.  I chose not to wear one just so I could observe.  Pandemic was full of surprises throughout -- as well as being designed wonderfully.

One of my favorite things from our 2014 visit was Backwoods.  I loved the long walk through the woods.  And I still do.  But sadly, I couldn't find anything new two years later.  I feel that there's so much room for additions to this attraction.  Still a very fun haunt and highly recommended.

Zombie Apocalypse
Lastly, we entered Zombie Apocalypse.  In 2014, this was Infected, a haunt that had one of the coolest things I had ever seen (a nearly complete faux house).  I was deeply saddened to see that the house was gone.  It had been replaced with a gnarly Mad Max-esque zombie theme.  By this point, the zombies themes were beginning to wear thin on me.  I still enjoyed this attraction...because who doesn't love fire canons?!

All in all, Indy Scream Park is a fun time all around.  Do yourself a favor and at least try to make it out there every other year if you can.  You'll never leave disappointed.