2017 Review: Niles Haunted House Scream Park

It's that time of the year again -- haunted house season is officially here!  And for the fourth consecutive year, we wandered up North to Niles, Michigan for the one and only Niles Scream Park!

So without any ado, let's jump into it...

The Niles Haunted House
Like last year, the main house kept the cinema theme.  But this year, they changed up the movies and the decorations.  The house is notorious for having numerous ways to get through, and unfortunately for us, we only went through the house once so we didn't get to see and experience every route.  But that's okay because what we did see was an easy A+.

This is one of Niles' new haunts this year -- and if you haven't guessed, it's got a demonic possession/Exorcist theme.  And it works.  The set decoration and mood and atmosphere are great.  The only thing I feel this haunt needs is a little more action.  Otherwise, it's a great haunt.

Another one of their new haunts this year is Incarcerated, a prison-themed haunt.  Much like Possessed, there is a lot to love about this haunt, with a major emphasis on design.  This haunts looks and feels amazing.  But, again, like Possessed, I feel there could just be a little more going on.  But hey, that's me and I'm a stickler.

The Field of Screams
The Field is another staple at Niles and one that I'm always eager to check out, year after year.  That outdoor swamp/bayou scene remains my favorite scene in any haunt ever.  A lot has changed but the best remains.

Dark TERRORtory Haunted Hayride
The hayride has been completely re-themed and redesigned this year and their efforts definitely pay off.  This is the most interactive that I've ever seen this haunt be.  We definitely enjoyed it immensely.  Now, I was going to give this haunt 4 Skulls because some of the scenes weren't operating as they should.  But, I do understand that their only two weeks into their season and a lot will be corrected in the following days.

Niles has finally added an extreme haunt where the actors can touch you.  Now, this was at the end of the night and I wasn't feeling too well, but the rest of my team did give it a go.  Their immediate impression: "That was f*****g awesome!"  They loved it.  And I'm super bummed I missed it.  They all demanded I give it 5 Skulls.

So that was our 2017 trip to Niles Scream Park.  It just NEVER disappoints, ever.  Keep up the great work guys!  We're happy to announce you as a 2017 Must See Haunt!