2015 Review: Haunted Angelus House

We finally made it out to Haunted Angelus House!  We wanted to visit this one last year but our schedule didn't quite work out in our favor.  So, needless to say, we made this haunt a priority this year.  Located just off the highway, this one is super easy to find, parking is no problem and best of all -- there's a Halloween store attached (Ron's Halloween).

Let's dig in, shall we...

Haunted Angelus House
Upon entering Haunted Angelus, you're immediately taken into the customary waiting room.  Haunted Angelus does a great job of setting the scene early.  You're greeted by siniamouster mannequins dressed in spooky garb and entertained on a large projection screen with zombies tearing apart a man and being shot dead.

After a short wait, you're met at the actual entrance by, in my opinion, one of the liveliest ticket-takers I have ever encountered -- she was a real hoot!  And she does a great job of keeping the groups separated by several minutes, therefore minimizing the chances of either catching up to the group in front you (which is never fun) or having the group behind you sneak up on you (which, again, is never fun).  So kudos to the awesome ticket-taker!

Once you fully enter, it's impossible not to notice the EXTREME amount of detail that has been put into the rooms.  Truly...this was one of the most elaborately details haunts I have ever come across.  They score big points here.

And really, the haunt never disappoints.  The actors all bring something unique to their respected characters and rooms -- and they were very interactive with our group, which I loved tremendously.  So, again, big points.

Also, I feel the compelling need to point this out: this haunt had one of the best Michael Myers I have ever seen working in a haunt.  The guy playing the part, whoever that is, did an excellent job of bringing something that was his own and truly unique to the role (and he looked great).  The same goes for their Freddy Krueger who also lurked within the walls.  I've never been a huge fan of commercial characters in haunts, but when they're done good, they're totally allowed!

Lastly, the haunt commences with a couple outdoor scenes.  My only real  complaint I have about our group's experience is that it was raining and that was kind of a bummer -- although it did set a cool scene.  Obviously, this is in no way Haunted Angelus' fault so they won't be held accountable for that.

Some of the final scenes were a little too dark for my taste (ie: pitch black), but for someone else, that might be their thing...therefore, they will not be docked for that, either.

So all in all, Haunted Angelus House is a helluva haunt that needs to be seen!  In fact, I hereby designate Haunted House as a Must See Haunt for 2015!  Congratulations, guys.  You earned it!

Five skulls all the way!