2015 Review: Niles Haunted House Scream Park

For the second year in a row, we made the almost-three-hour trek up north to Niles, Michigan to the Niles Haunted House Scream Park -- and again, we were NOT disappointed.

Niles was pretty impressive last year in 2014, but how exactly did it fair in 2015?

Let's dig in, shall we...

Kingdoms End
Each year, the main house at Niles gets a redesign.  This year, their theme is Kingdoms End, a haunt based almost entirely on the works on Stephen King.

And you know what?  It's awesome!  Every minute of it.  Awesome.  Almost all of King's more famous works are represented here.  Whether you want to see Carrie get crowned at the prom or pass by a Pet Sematary or even walk through a dark hedge maze, it's all here!

Kingdoms End is packed full of scares and surprises and is definitely an attraction you don't want to miss when visiting Niles Scream Park.

Ashes to Ashes
Now this was a cool one I didn't expect.  Ashes to Ashes is set up like an abandoned boarding school and if you know me at all, then you abandoned schools are my thing.

One thing I've come to love about Niles Scream Park is the amount of detail that goes into each haunt.  And Ashes to Ashes to no exception -- the detail is extraordinary.  So when in Niles, back a trip back to school!

House of Horror 3D
Most haunted houses are jumping on the 3D trend and Niles is too.  If you remember, they had a 3D haunt last year called Tomb of the Undead.  This year it's House of Horror.  Much like last year's, this year's 3D haunt is superior to most you'll encounter.  Detail is important, and House of Horror has it in great effect.

Dark TERRORtory Haunted Hayride
Everyone loves a hayride, right?  We thought so, too.  And so did Niles Scream Park.  This offseason, a large part of their revamp efforts were put into their hayride, the Dark TERRORtory Haunted Hayride.  And it showed.

I've been on their hayride three times now, and this year has by far been my best experience thus far.  The theme is Night Terrors, and they do a great job of showcasing these fears -- even utilizing a couple short films at the beginning and end of the ride.  Though it isn't the scariest hayride I've been on, it just might be the most entertaining.  And that's pretty important when leaving an impression.

Field of Screams
Ah, at last, the Field of Screams!  This has always been my favorite part of Niles Scream Park -- and to an extent, still is.  However, I didn't really notice much change from last year.  But if you remember, I hailed last year's Field of Screams as the bread and butter of Niles Scream Park.  I love everything about, indoors and out.

But for 2015, I can happily name Kingdoms End as the bread and butter of '15.  But the Field is still awesome!

Again, I can't speak highly enough of Niles Scream Park.  Everything from their set designs and their management is A-1.  My annual trip up north is one I both anticipate and love.

We proudly present Niles Scream Park with the badge of Must See Haunt for 2015!