Want Your Own Haunt? Build One!

Image © yardhaunterkevin242

Something I come across a lot of the time is people who love haunts and want nothing more than to one day own their own professional haunt.  Sometimes this isn't always feasible, though -- whether it be the costs or time associated with it.  An easier and more cost effective (most of the time) solution is the classic home haunt (or yard haunt, whichever you prefer).

I recently stumbled on this awesome video diary of a couple building a haunt in their garage.  Like most aspiring haunters, they're not working with a whole lot of space, but they're able to fit a neat and very effective little haunt in the comfort of their own garage!

These videos come courtesy of terpsichoreankid!

Take a look!

How about you?  Have you built a haunted house on your property?  If so, we'd LOVE to see it!

Our main objective is reviewing professional haunts, but we would like to see yours as well!  What can we say, we're suckers for all things Halloween and haunted houses!


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