Antioch Asylum

Behold, one of Illinois most terrifying haunted attractions...
Macabre Haunt had its humble beginnings in 2013 as an idea and started its first year haunt on October that year. In 2014 Macabre Haunt decided to change the way people see haunts and delve into more disturbing scares. To those customers that actually shit themselves, we a free extra-large t-shirt that says “Macabre Haunt scared the shit out of me. For those customers that pee themselves (which happens a lot) we offer a loin-cloth that states “I peed myself in Macabre Haunt and all I got was this lousy loin-cloth” all hand written (with a Sharpie™) and signed by the poor guy that made it (also with a Sharpie™).
882 Anita Ave.
Antioch, Illinois 60002


Antioch Asylum